Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

Single Family Homes near Hospital Hill, Crown Center and Hallmark Cards. 1,800 Square Feet, Three Bedrooms, Two and One-Half Bathrooms, Garages, Tax Abated, $300,000This neighborhood is designed as a traditional Kansas City neighborhood with a pedestrian orientation and streetscape, rear lanes for garage access, open space and neighborhood amenities such as a community center, retail live/work spaces, and commercial lofts. Additionally, historic Robinson Hospital has been redeveloped as the Residences of West Paseo, an elder housing development for 45 residents.

Beacon Hill offers over 300 new building sites for single-family houses, attached and detached, in addition to 100 fully renovated traditional and historic Kansas City houses. Prices for townhomes begin at $195,000. Lots are available from $37,500 up.

A mixed-use, new-urbanist neighborhood Beacon Hill is within walking distance of Hospital Hill, Crown Center, and Union Station. Covering almost 90 acres with a rolling terrain and panoramic view of downtown, the neighborhood has direct access to Bruce R. Watkins Drive.

A 353 Redevelopment Area, properties come with 25-year tax abatement (100% for 10 years; 50% for 15 years). Beacon Hill is  a 2015 Cornerstone Awards Residential Winner sponsored by the Economic Developement Corporation (EDC) of Kansas City.

UC-B Properties has built several homes in this area, with four more single family home coming in the fall of 2016.

beacon hill map

Get an inside look at the home of one of the area’s architects here: Architect R.J. Kietzman plants his flag on KC’s Beacon Hill. For an extra dose of local character, check out The Pets of Beacon Hill!

UC-B Properties partners with local, award-winning architects to create unique, contemporary homes. Check out the projects below for properties now on sale as well as upcoming designs. Check out this property that is now for sale from UC-B Homebuilders!

2440 Forest                                                            Beacon Hill Single Family Home Designs
J:Urban Coeur - Bridger2015.240 2440 Forest Ave2 Drawings and3D View 4_PS.jpeg

The houses below have already sold!

2436 Forest SOLD2432 Forest sold2412 Forest sold

Lastly, feast your eyes on the views of Beacon Hill in the video below.