1318 E 28th Terr SOLD 3113 Brooklyn Ave SOLD  5410 Virginia Ave SOLD  1225 E 45th St SOLD exterior view of a renovated duplex  farmhouse style two-story home with chimney Exterior view of  a two story renovated home with covered porch. Exterior entrance of contemporary townhome view of exterior entrance of sold townhouseView of renovated home in Rockhurst neighborhood. Green house with white trimmed porch. 1311 E 28th Terr_SOLD 5427 Tracy_SOLD5423 Tracy_SOLD417 E 63 oak_SOLD5420 Tracy SOLD4450 Tracy Ave_UC-B Properties_SOLD4330 Bellafontain SOLD7836 Ward Parkway_UC-B Properties_SOLD4529 Forest _UC-B Properties SOLDUC-B Properties 2547 Tracy SOLD 832-e-27th-st-sold5517 Bales SOLD8508 Wayne SOLD7608 E 112th St_UC-B Properties_SOLD3904 E 47th Terr_UC-B Properties_SOLD 2427-forest-sold2431 Tracy SOLD 824-e-27th-st-sold2435-forest-sold2440-forest-sold 2541-tracy-sold2549-tracy-sold 2412 Forest sold 2408 Forest SOLD3614 Gillham sold 2732 Campbell sold 2729 Charlotte Sold 2727 Charlotte sold2719 Charlotte Sold2715 Charlotte SOLD 2436 Forest SOLD 2432 Forest sold 2723 Charlotte Soldboulevard-row-sold