UC-B is making headlines around town

The Real Deal: Developers add schools to urban renewal syllabus

From The Kansas City Business Journal, by Rob Roberts, April 17, 2015 – Development partners John Hoffman and Lance Carlton say there’s only one missing ingredient in the urban-core market where they’ve been building infill apartment buildings and single-family homes: high-quality educational opportunities. That’s why Hoffman and Carlton, principals with UC-B Properties, are raising $25,000…

Developers make big impact with small urban-core projects

From the Kansas City Business Journal, by Rob Roberts, April 13, 2015 – UC-B Properties is making a big impact with small residential projects in Kansas City’s urban core. John Hoffman, who retired from a 33-year career with Morgan Stanley in 2002, started the development firm that year as Urban Coeur Properties. Ten years later, it was renamed UC-B Properties….