In July 2016, UC-B Properties is relocating their office and headquarters from Kansas City’s Longfellow neighborhood to the Troost Corridor. Owners John Hoffman and Lance Carlton have long been dedicated to revitalizing Kansas City’s urban core and joined their respective companies, Urban Coeur and Bridger Properties, to do just that in 2002. This move fits in with their mission and history of teaming up with local architects to create quality contemporary design for residential single and multi-family homes.

After spending 14 years at their current headquarters at 2949 McGee Trafficway, UC-B Properties is excited to be moving to a new neighborhood and into a beautiful Art Deco inspired building at 4325 Troost. During the past 14 years UC-B Properties has built Gillham Park Row and Triangle Condominiums, restored the old Standard Oil station into the highly successful Filling Station, restored the Battery Lofts, built Cherry Hill Row condominiums (currently apartments), and just recently completed 29Gillham apartments.

On the move, co-owner John Hoffman said,”Troost presents the next opportunity for redevelopment for us and we feel that locating our office there sends a message to the community. We are determined to once and for all erase the past and bring Troost Avenue back as a vibrant streetscape with services for the entire community, housing for the many people wanting to live “urban” and a new, exciting part of the city long neglected by those who fled to the suburbs over the last 50 years.”

Having built many successful projects that have added beauty and vitality to the neighborhoods in the vicinity of their current location across the street from the iconic Filling Station, Hoffman and Carlton aim to bring their thoughtful approach to design to the Troost Corridor.

“From 24th Street where a new hotel will soon rise, to 27th where plans are developing for a new grocery store and additional new housing, to Legacy Crossing at Linwood and Troost, we are working to make this corridor an important north/south avenue,” said Hoffman.

With additional plans for Manheim, Hyde Park, Squire Park and the blocks touching both Rockhurst and UMKC, UC-B Properties has already broke ground on these aspirations with development along Troost on 63rd Street. 63Brookside apartments (July 2016) and 63Oak townhouses (December 2016) will kick off this commitment as the first new multi-family projects in Brookside since the 60s.

Anchoring their headquarters on Troost just goes to show that when it comes to bringing vitality back to Kansas City’s urban core, UC-B Properties means business, one project at a time.