Upcoming Renovations

Quality Design You Can Expect in a UC-B Home

UC-B always has homes in the works in the urban core of Kansas City, MO. This slideshow gives a taste of what you can expect from a UC-B home. Then explore the upcoming properties listed below. For more information on any upcoming renovation, contact Lance at 816-379-6687 or lcarlton@uc-bproperties.com.

Examples of Completed Renovations

Upcoming single family home renovations include:

4204  Paseo Boulevard

This is a three bedroom home in Manheim Park.
Approximately 1,270 sq ft on a 4,323 sq ft lot.

1318 E 28th Terrace

In the Beacon Hill neighborhood
This home has six bedrooms and has an attached garage.
2,266 sq ft on a 5,227 sq ft lot, built in 1911.

1127 E. 75th St.

In the East Meyer 6 Neighborhood (northeast of Waldo)
This three bedroom home features a fireplace and a partial basement.
1,411 sq ft on a 1.5 acre lot, built in 1936.


427 Brighton Ave.

In Northeast Kansas City, near the neighborhood of South Indian Mound.
This four bedroom house also has three baths.
1,842 sq ft on a 4,224 sq ft lot.


6222 E 16th Terrace

Near the West Blue Valley Neighborhood
This four bedroom home has a partial basement.
1,488 sq ft on a 4,356 sq ft lot, built in 1908.


4516 Tracy Avenue

Just east of the South Hyde Park Neighborhood
This three bedroom home includes a patio.
1,702 sq ft on a 0.9 acre lot.


5410 Virginia Avenue

Just south of Rockhurst University
This four bedroom house has an attached garage, fireplace, and patio.
1,590 sq ft on a 5,640 sq ft lot, built in 1911


Interested in knowing more about any of these upcoming renovations? Call Lance at 816-379-6687 for more information.